The Solutions Group

The Problem

The Solutions Group is not your average software solutions company. As magicians of the tech-world, The Solutions Group takes complex data issues and finds the best solution. They work so efficiently that you’d almost think they simply waved a wand at your company and all was solved. On top of being tech and data experts, they are also hilariously fun. They had a problem, though. Their website and branding didn’t quite show who they were or what they did, so there was a disconnect between their online presence and what it was actually like to work with them both as a customer and as an employee.

The Solution

We wanted the experience of working with The Solutions Group - what it felt like to walk through their office doors and talk to their silly, smart, problem-solving team - to be reflected in their branding, messaging, and everything they presented online. We rebranded TSG to explain their expertise while also showcasing their fantastic culture, full of energy drinks and a good sense of humor. Toting a new logo, brand standards guide, brand archetype, unified messaging, and a razor-sharp onliness statement, The Solutions Group was transformed into a cohesive and memorable brand. Once their branding and messaging were solidified to reflect their awesomeness, we wanted to tell that story. The best way to do that is through video. With a fun brand anthem video, a staff/our people video, and an animated informational video, they’re able to present three important tiers of information in the most easily digestible and enjoyable format possible. Lastly, The Solutions Group’s website needed a facelift to match their new branding and messaging. We did a complete redesign, incorporating their new brand elements, messaging, videos, and staff photos.

The Results

The result was an eye-catching, easy to navigate, user-friendly web and mobile site, a collection of educational and fun videos that help them attract new customers and employees, and a streamlined brand package that will keep their branding and messaging consistent and powerful.

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