Fractional CMO

A “Fractional CMO” is a way to get experienced marketing leadership into your company without incurring the cost of a full-time employee.

More importantly, the Michigan Creative Fractional CMO service is a way to get on-demand perspectives and consulting from an industry expert. Michigan Creative will do the work of implementing the best practices and strategies needed in your company while also establishing a plan that drives company culture, business decisions, revenue and growth. Although this concept may sound new to some, this practice is a comprehensive solution to gain the marketing leadership that your company needs at a lower level of cost, commitment, and risk. Michigan Creative will develop a roadmap and establish a foundation for long-term growth. Struggling with the marketing team you have? Not able to hire the full-time marketing help you need? You need a Fractional CMO.

CMO-led Strategy & Execution

Build a solid strategy with an ability to see your business in new ways and draw on a wealth of industry knowledge. Our Fractional CMO services are ideal for advancing your marketing department through a proven methodology that generates measurable ROI.

Recruitment / Talent Retention

Well-defined hiring and staffing paired with a great company culture have the power to attract new talent, encourage productivity, and support retention.

Company Culture

A strong company culture is more than a perk now and days. Michigan Creative Fractional CMO service allows you to position your brand for lasting success while strengthening your enticing company culture.

Measurable Results

Michigan Creative's Fractional CMO service fills your marketing funnel with prospective buyers, conducts active and ongoing lead qualification, and hands-off hot leads to your sales team.

Team Leadership, Coaching, & Mentoring

As part of our Fractional CMO services, Michigan Creative actively mentors and oversees your internal marketing staff. We give them the opportunity to specialize and develop in our field. And maybe even replace us one day.