About Michigan Creative

We are a full-service marketing and creative agency, but we are so much more than that.

Michigan Creative is not your typical marketing agency. We’re a team of creatives that collaborate, listen, problem-solve, and plan to help businesses grow. We value innovative and quality work because that’s what has kept us at the front of the industry for more than ten years.

If you're looking for an agency that partners with you to grow your business, then look no further. We have the experience and capabilities to lead your marketing initiatives from branding, graphic design, and advertising to all facets of video production, animation, web, and social media.

Welcome to Michigan Creative! We can’t wait to create with you.

Core Values

Our core values are so much more than just words on a page or our website. They are the values and principles that define who our team is, in and outside of work. They are simple, detailed, and created around who we are as a company and as individuals.

  • Leadership – We believe a great leader makes everyone around them better. Everyone has the ability to be a leader. So that is what we set out to do at Michigan Creative, create the best company with the best people.
  • We live to create – As a group of established creatives, it's no secret we live to create the best work possible and aim to share our creative knowledge with others in every way we know how.
  • Be kind - We aim to make others’ lives better by being around them. We offer help, smile, laugh, and spread kindness to others.
  • Every problem has a solution - We listen and learn to solve the challenges we face. We work together and are not afraid of taking risks, to get the answers we need.