For Manufacturers

For manufacturers and skilled trades, we’ve made it a priority to be experts in your industry.

After spending time in over 100 manufacturing plants in the last year and helping those companies tell their stories, we've learned the manufacturing marketing strategies that make this industry thrive. We work with manufacturers across the state of Michigan and have helped countless companies develop a reliable workforce. It is a niche market that Michigan Creative as a whole specializes and believes in. As a full-service creative agency, there's little that we can't do. From recruitment and training videos to building a perfect website and digital marketing campaign that brings in qualified leads all while proving ROI.

Branding for Manufacturers

Your brand sets you apart from your competitors and tells your audience what you’re all about. We’ll help you develop your brand story and the tools to tell it, including a logo or full brand identity that fits your organization perfectly and differentiates you with our manufacturing marketing strategies.

Video Marketing for Manufacturers

Video is one of the most engaging mediums, and it will deliver results as part of your marketing campaign. We’ll create custom videos for your brand that engage and inform your audience.

Web Design for Manufacturers

Your website is the cornerstone of your online marketing efforts. With appealing design and engaging content, it will help drive customers down the sales pipeline.

Lead Generation for Manufacturers

Integrate a CRM that supercharges your lead generation efforts by allowing you to capture, nurture, and convert more leads to customers.

Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers

By taking advantage of inbound marketing, manufacturers and skilled trades can effectively boost their ROI while separating themselves from competitors that are performing poorly. CRM/email integration, lead generation, nurturing campaign management, and visitor tracking and analytics.

Talent Retention for Manufacturers

Attract new talent, encourage productivity, and support retention through our manufacturing marketing strategies.

Social Media Management for Manufacturers

From custom social media strategy to page management and ad optimization, our social media service helps you grow your social media with professionally designed content.

Content Creation for Manufacturers

We’ll create content that will cover all your storytelling needs. We’ll create engaging content for blogs, press releases, white papers, media kits, newsletters, web copy, social content, ad copy, scripts, articles, and much more.