Our MC Manifesto

Our MC Manifesto is adapted with permission from Centro and written by Michigan Creative employees. It is intended for current employees, prospective employees, companies we look to do business with and anyone else desiring to learn about Michigan Creative. Thank you to founder and CEO Shawn Riesecker for talking to a new entrepreneur and telling me to keep following my dream.

A True Michigan Creative lives by the following.

We have no rules, but we live by our principles and our culture.

From day one at Michigan Creative, our main purpose was to create a company where its employees had the best job. One with freedom and one with endless possibilities that, if they chose, could stay at for their entire career. We also believe that family and individual needs come before the needs of the company. The best solutions come from people in the right mindset for the task at hand. Our MC Manifesto states the importance of taking care of our team, and making sure we're happy and healthy. That's how we create the most rewarding work!

A rule to follow however is: be great. Do amazing and wonderful things, be happy, and do these amazing things in work and in life. It is not in some of us, it is in all of us. It is as simple as making a choice to be great. Make that choice.

Michigan Creative Upholding Our MC Manifesto

Core Values Of A True MC:

  • Leadership – A great leader makes everyone around them better than they are. We are all leaders.
  • We live to create – As creatives, it is what we do. We wake up creative. We all have something amazing to offer others.
  • Everyone we come in contact with should have a better day - Look up, smile, help, open a door, be there.
  • Every problem has a solution - We don't complain, we don't stress, we are not afraid of taking risks, we get help and we solve problems.

We, as individuals, employees, and leaders of Michigan Creative, BELIEVE:

Lasting success can only be achieved through dedication to the growth and well-being of the individual, not the corporation.

Every employee is responsible for his or her own improvement, the improvement of the corporation, and the improvement of those around them.

We understand that greatness is a simple choice and once we choose it, others follow.

We live by the following PRINCIPLES:

Self-Improvement – We desire to grow and learn continuously. Our happiness is determined by the amount of personal investment we make in our own growth. We also don’t forget about those that helped us get here.

Leadership – A great leader makes everyone around him or her better than they are.

Hard Work – We love work. We love to work hard. By doing great work with great people we can accomplish great things.

Idealism – We believe we can make the community, state and country a better place. The future of our lives, our community and our country lies in our hands, and we have the ability and responsibility to change them for the better.

Live to create – As creatives, it is what we do. We wake up creative. We all have something amazing to offer to others.

There is a commonality among Michigan Creatives, exhibited in our CHARACTER TRAITS, and we look for these traits in new employees:

Courage – We have the strength to do what is right at all times, regardless of the consequences, and the strength to move beyond our own comfort zone.

Honesty – Honesty is integral to everything we do. Honesty leads to trust, and trust is a basic element in all forms of human communication.

Self-Respect – We respect ourselves, which leads to respect for others.

Accountability – We have a responsibility to follow through on our commitments and know that accountability is the foundation of organizational effectiveness.

Dedication to Others – As the company is dedicated to each employee, so are we dedicated to our colleagues’ and our customers’ well-being.

As LEADERS, we strive to live by and lead by these additional qualities. A great leader makes everyone around them better than they are. Although all Michigan Creatives should strive to embody these qualities, we require them of our leaders and managers.

Positive – We maintain a positive attitude and help others see the positive in themselves, the company and the world. Everyone that comes in contact with us should have a better day.

Tough – We are tough. We make difficult and unpopular decisions when necessary. We hold ourselves and our people accountable for our actions and decisions. We are hard working and get up quick when we get knocked down.

Inspirational – We accept the responsibility of inspiring those around us. We motivate our colleagues and employees through inspiration.

Every problem has a solution – We don’t complain, we don’t stress, we are not afraid of making mistakes, we get help and we solve problems.

Dedicated – We are dedicated and keep working until the job is done. We are dedicated to our employees. Our doors are open at all times.