Graphic Design Services

Having a cohesive brand identity and consistent design elements across all creative assets is critical.

The MC graphic design team has the skills and expertise to create graphics that’ll help solidify your brand and accelerate your growth. Our team will take your vision and make it look and function as it should. We develop standards and kits that help to ensure consistency across all platforms. Professional graphic design will get your company noticed and set you apart from your competition.

Beautify Your Brand

Logo & Brand Design

Graphic design has the power to define brands, successfully communicate with the audience, build brand awareness, engage with viewers, and ensure consistency throughout all outlets.

Have a name but need a logo refresh? Have a logo but need to bulk up your brand? Don’t have either and need some help? Reach out! We build marketing machines daily.

Environmental Design

Make a strong connection between people and places by creating a positive experience that is easy to navigate and remember. Examples of environmental design would be exterior and interior signage, posters, billboards, banners, window graphics, vehicle graphics, trade show concepts, and fence wraps.

Our team can also help you conceptualize your needs by providing concept layouts, floor plans, and digital renderings. Attract visitors and stand out as a leader in your industry with an eye-catching and functional environmental design project.

Mobile App Design

Our team can help you breathe life into your next app idea by working together on UI/UX concepts and layouts. Speed, ease-of-use features, and design aesthetics are what makes an app successful. Start building your app concepts today and grow relationships with users by utilizing the latest layout trends.

Corporate Identity Design

Gain maximum ROI with consistency among your print collateral. A well designed corporate identity is key for a professional presence. We create a consistent branding package that ensures your business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and folders build public brand recognition.

Corporate identity publications also need to match the look and feel of your brand. Make sure your next newsletter, directory, annual report, magazine or catalog speaks confidently to your employees, board members and shareholders, and reads professionally to the public.

Presentation Design

A well-designed presentation can be a significant driver of success. Your presentation should be unique and hold the attention of your audience. Custom Powerpoint and Keynote templates can be built or simply conceptualized with placeholder information for you to add at a later date.

Make your slides come to life by adding animated graphics and video. Presentations built can also be made available in a print-ready format if requested. Be a standout and not a bore at your next meeting with a memorable presentation and accompanying print collateral.

Print Projects

There is just something very satisfying about seeing your brand printed in actual ink on a quality sheet of paper. Custom brochures, flyers, handouts, mailable postcards and newsletters are just a few of the most popular items when it comes to the options available for print.

Traditional print pieces create feelings of comfort, familiarity and confidence. Whereas more unique layouts with custom folds and die-cuts speak to innovation and forward-thinking. Whichever style speaks to you, our team of designers has a toolbox of ideas and designs to help you communicate with your audience.

Packaging + Label Design

A well-designed package or label has the power to differentiate your product from your competitors on crowded store shelves. Communicate your brand immediately by grabbing the attention first. Be confident with nicely designed products that are compliant with current regulations and take the guesswork out of trying to do it yourself online.

Promotional Products & Apparel Design

Promotional items can come across as fun and exciting, or cheap garbage that leaves the client questioning your ability to produce quality work. Make sure your brand is represented well on all your apparel, pens, hats, and other swag items.

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