From fragmented to focused: Michigan Creative built a strategic website for True Lacrosse, attracting new players and solidifying its leadership position within the industry.


What’s more fun than playing lacrosse? Not much, but marketing for it is a close second.


With its presence rapidly expanding and diverse programs across the country, True Lacrosse lacked a structured marketing plan, clear communication, and the national brand equity they desired. The organization needed guidance on how to organize, strategize, and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to sustain and elevate its growth. The question became not just how to play but how to lead in the ever-expanding arena of lacrosse.


With the introduction of the FCMO (Fractional Chief Marketing Officer) strategy, our collaboration with True Lacrosse’s internal team elevated marketing to an executive level. We created a unified brand presence, core values, and a comprehensive corporate identity package. From targeted ads to event promotions and captivating videos, we orchestrated a symphony of strategic moves.


The Fractional CMO service and Michigan Creative’s playbook have not just transformed True Lacrosse; they’ve propelled it into a league of its own. Armed with clear branding, streamlined marketing, and amplified communication, True Lacrosse is now a premier brand, ready for continued triumphs in the dynamic lacrosse landscape.

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