The Problem

HTA Companies come to Michigan Creative with a unique problem. They had an amazing branding proposition and recognition with their “Red Truck Team,” however, they weren’t sure about how to capitalize upon it. In the past, they had spent much of their time and marketing dollars committed to traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and commercials. In early 2018, they choose to seek out a trusted partner in regard to digital marketing and branding. HTA Companies had a website that didn’t communicate their value to the market, had never ventured into video production, and had nothing in regard to digital lead generation.

The Solution

Since the beginning of 2018, Michigan Creative has guided and executed an effective branding and marketing strategy for HTA Companies. Our branding ventures included a series of videos with the overarching piece being a Brand Anthem video that communicates the value of HTA Companies. Our web design team worked with leadership at HTA Companies to design a new WordPress site that reflected their brand, showcased their work, and allowed for effective lead funnels to be built. A strong digital marketing strategy resulted in increased targeted impression share, value based ad copy, effective ad design, and cohesive lead funnels. All of this resulted in attracting and driving qualified leads to take action via phone or a contact form.

The Results

The Michigan Creative team was able to create awesome videos and our digital and web team helped expand HTA Companies’ digital footprint. This integrated campaign helped HTA Companies roll out their new service line as well as growing and expanding their existing customer base.

Launch Project

Launch Project

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