Animation Services

Bring your ideas to life with our motion graphics and 3D animation team.

MC knows what it takes to stand out in the busy media landscape all around us, and that includes investing in high-quality animation productions that help tell your story like no other. Bring a little extra flair to your video production, or create an animated infographic to help explain what makes you different. We offer an exclusive range of 2D & 3D animation services, motion graphics, animated logos, and architectural renderings. Our highly trained, skilled team of animators know how to provide world-class animation services a variety of projects.

3D Animations

Our team has two of the best photorealistic 3D animators in the state, ready to create an animation of your process, product or building.

Motion Graphics

Need something that wows your audience with kinetic typography, animated character scenes or icon animation? We do that.

Animated Infographics

Our animators have studied under some of the best, including well-renowned Karl Gude of MSU and Newsweek. We know what it takes to create a cohesive infographic using hard data, solid design, and an eye for the real story.

Explainer Animations

Sometimes the best way to showcase your business is to explain the process visually. Our team knows how to produce a fully animated explainer video with all the information you want your audience to see.

Intro/Outro Animations

The beginning and end of your video are usually the most important times to reel the audience in or leave them with a lasting impression. Our animation team will put that extra jolt of energy into your production with high-quality, expressive intros, outros, and scene transitions.

Animated Logos

Do you love your logo? Well, get ready to love it more with a custom animation showcasing it in its full glory. We’ll work with your design team and brand standards to make an animation that fits your brand like a glove.

Architectural Renderings

The best way to showcase a development before it’s open for the public is a 3D rendering of the interior and exterior. Our team of animators have been making high-quality photorealistic 3D renders for some of the largest developers in Lansing for over five years.