The Problem

AIMS came to Michigan Creative in the spring of 2018 having never done any marketing for their company in the past, traditional or digital. As a hospitalist group, AIMS partners with private practices across the greater Detroit area to work with in-patient facilities as an extension of the practice. In the past they grew their client base through referrals and current client expansion based on the high quality of care they provided. Their goal was to find a unique way to interact with their client base as a way of growing their business.

The Solution

Through a series of consultative and branding meetings with AIMS leadership we developed a creative mix of solutions to help bring AIMS into the upper tier of hospitalist groups in the greater Detroit area. We took their current brand and tweaked it in order to update it and created a brand guidelines document to ensure that their brand is presented in a consistent fashion.

The leadership at AIMS recognized the value in having a responsive website and was eager to bring current trends into their web presence. This was achieved through a WordPress build and intuitive content and sitemap restructuring. The AIMS team also separated themselves from their competitors by including value based video production throughout their site.

Initially AIMS inquired about Michigan Creative’s graphic design services which resulted in a brand aligned informational marketing piece that was used for practice drop offs as well as trade conventions.

A differentiating factor among those in the healthcare industry is video production. We planned, scripted, shot, and produced a series of videos for AIMS that highlights their passion for making a difference in the lives of the patients they interact with.

AIMS had access to a robust data set of current practices they worked with as well as other practices in the greater Detroit area that was used in digital marketing campaigns. We strategically targeted video ads with effective copy across Facebook which resulted in actionable clicks through to an adjoining lead funnel. Through IP Targeting and Geofencing tactics we were able to utilize the data set provided to target these practices and retarget users with branded digital ads.

The Results

AIMS now has an established brand and deliverables to strive forward with for the coming years in the hospitalist market. The videos help communicate the passion of the AIMS team to existing and prospective clients. AIMS now has a responsive website in which we integrated their various existing login portals into to allow employees and clients to easily access their adjoining profiles. They are also set up with various ad sets to place across trade journals, event sponsorships, and other strategic ad placements.

Launch Project

Launch Project

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