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Digital Swagger: How AIMS Is Redefining Hospital Hustle


AIMS faced a challenge in translating its rich legacy and skills into a compelling digital narrative that resonated with both the medical community and patients across southeast Michigan.


Enter our team, who were tasked with the challenge to infuse AIMS’ digital and branding efforts with creativity and clarity.

We overhauled AIMS’ website for optimal user experience, showcasing their expertise and commitment through engaging layouts and patient-centered content. Our branding strategy revitalized AIMS’ image, emphasizing their dedicated mission in acute care. Lastly, we produced video content that highlighted AIMS’ impact on patient recovery and physician partnerships, to tell a story of innovation, care, and excellence.


This strategic makeover not only polished AIMS’ digital footprint but also amplified their message, connecting deeply with audiences and enhancing their market position. The updated brand and digital assets led to increased engagement, fostering a community of trust around AIMS’ services and reaffirming their dedication to healthcare excellence.

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