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Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Your iPhone For Business Video

Michigan Creative
Why You Shouldn't Be Using Your iPhone For Business Video

Apple is a trailblazer in it’s industry, and iPhones are just plain fun; they’re multi-faceted, look cool and have a great camera. You probably use the camera throughout the day in a lot of ways, and even find yourself comparing quality of cameras with your friends who carry Androids.

If you own a small business and pursue video content, it’s easy to think of your iPhone as a cost-effective replacement for high quality video cameras, and you may not realize why this is a bad idea.
Such a scenario begs the following question: Is your iPhone’s camera a good option to film business videos?

The answer is simple: No. But, why?

Equipment Is More Than A Device

You may be attracted to the simplicity of pulling your camera out of your pocket and asking a friend or two to help with a production, but those versed in investment know you get what you pay for. A $0 budget sounds great, but compare the resulting content with similar content with a bigger budget and the differences become apparent.

There are some things you just can’t do on an iPhone, especially when it comes to quality of video and a space to be creative. The ability to manipulate the depth of field, handle outside light and change camera angles are more progressive when you have a dedicated piece of technology, rather than just a feature on a smartphone.

Special tools to control lighting and post production efforts like editing are also further complemented by high-end equipment, which means a seamless experience in the right hands. An iPhone is still a phone camera with limits. Cost is something to consider and things like set up and planning can be time-consuming, but you should see productions as investments that pay off along the timeline of your goals, not short-term solutions.

Protection Is Solid

Another thing to consider is that a part of any investment is protection of your investment. We all use our phones various times throughout the day for many different tasks. This means your phone is prone to hazards. The weather can change, accidents happen (I think it’s safe to say we’ve all dropped our phone a time or two… ), or some technical issue can pop up that requires professional service. No matter the stage of creating content, such a sudden issue can set you back.

Professional creations are expected to encounter the same types of sudden issues but, because of their value, they may be easier to protect. You can buy all sorts of protection equipment, as well as obtain specific equipment for specific purposes, like protection from the weather in your setting. Because of the expensive equipment involved, you should even store it all in a single location that is secure, instead of carrying the device everywhere. This shouldn’t raise too much financial concern if you have a plan with a budget to see it coming, plus prices vary. What works for you may not be the most blockbuster camera in the world, but something more than a phone feature could help your business goals immensely.

It’s About Strategic Thinking

While we encourage investments over convenience, it depends on your needs for your business to succeed. All you may ever need is a convenient camera and some apps, or a more technically advanced device to save you time and money as your business grows. Either way, what’s most important is thinking of these things strategically and with foresight, not hindsight.

If you aren’t quite ready to invest in your own equipment, Michigan Creative would love to create videos for you! Just fill out the form below for more information.