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Why Client Communication Makes a Difference

Client Communication

A common misconception in the marketing world is that it takes big agencies to perform impactful marketing results. It’s easy to think that the companies with the largest number of employees, big buildings, and the most expensive setup will achieve the best ROI. However, things like communication and strong collaboration can easily fall to the side. At Michigan Creative, we work to tear down this misunderstanding at every turn. With every project and client, we strive to have the best communication, attitude, and the right ideas to fit your goals.

Core Values

We pride ourselves on the values that make up our agency, and they are how we lead our marketing efforts. We utilize these values in everything we do at Michigan Creative. Our core values remain our golden compass. They are our guide for listening, finding creative solutions, and delivering the perfect message for every client. As a small agency, it’s not the number of employees we have, but the difference we make as an agency. We do our best to leave everything better than we found it and be a strong and positive influence on the marketing community.


At Michigan Creative, we know the key to developing strong relationships with our clients is the one thing everyone needs, communication. Communication is a fundamental pillar that every relationship is built on and is crucial for a healthy one. Our team encourages our clients to reach out and talk through their needs. By opening up this line of communication, we can make sure we’re accurately representing your vision. We would always prefer the aspect of over-communication rather than bare-bones, small talk.

Our Goal

Our main goal as a small-town agency is to show our clients the value of what we do every day. We partner with businesses to help businesses solve their pain points. Also, not to forget another important core value of a true Michigan Creative, everyone we come into contact with should have a better day because of us. We work every day to make sure that we uphold who we are as an agency while establishing new standards in marketing for every client.

One agency can always look better than the next. We know that every marketing agency can bring something new to the table. We also know that marketing needs to be big to garner attention and our size never gets in the way. The little things can matter when working with an agency. Know where to look and find the best fit for your business needs and goals.

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