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How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for Big Results


No single strategy works for everyone in the digital marketing world. But, there is a strategy that works best for you. That is the basis of digital marketing. Digital marketing is about being as tailored and specific as possible to get the best return on investment. Developing a digital marketing strategy isn’t always the easiest process, however. We don’t want to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. First, you need to understand who your audience is, where they hang out online, and how best they like to be approached. From there, use that information to create and implement a digital marketing strategy tailored for big results.


The truth is, digital marketing can be very effective when implemented properly. It can also be costly and overwhelming when trying to implement it all yourself. But, when you go in with a plan and strategy, digital marketing can be quite beneficial. At Michigan Creative, this is where we utilize our MC Greenprint. The MC Greenprint lays out a detailed explanation on how to leverage technology to help get our clients the best possible return on their marketing investments.


Responsive design and messaging in digital marketing are essential. They are the first impression you make on your audience, so make it a good one. Things like an underwhelming experience with your ad, website, social page, etc., may cause visitors to bounce off and try someone else. With a digital marketing strategy, it’s important to focus on an interactive design all around. Keep your audience engaged and wanting more.


Rather than taking a shotgun approach and just throwing your hard-earned marketing dollars at a campaign, it is much more efficient and cost-effective to specifically target people who are already actively looking for your type of business. This is why we at Michigan Creative concentrate on our research phase before anything else. Knowing where your audience spends their time is crucial to the success of any campaign. Correctly targeting and optimizing are two major factors that can make or break your ROI.

Digital marketing can be complicated if you are not well-versed with the process or terminology. But, all hope is not lost. We work with businesses to find the most effective and affordable digital marketing techniques to aid in your overall goals. We do this by leveraging our partnerships and following our clear and consistent process with results that can be measured and understood. If you’re looking for help with digital marketing, reach out to us. To gain more insight and trends into digital marketing, subscribe to our newsletter.