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Welcome back!

If you read my last post, you are aware that I recently graduated from college. And by recently I actually mean like a year and a half ago. After graduation, I moved back to the Lansing area and was beyond excited to start what I had hoped to be a blossoming career in the marketing field. It did not take me long to grasp the fact that that was not likely to happen in the way I had planned. And here’s why…

It has become abundantly clear to me that what employers are looking for is experience. I’m sure this branches out to more career paths than just advertising, but throughout my job search I have run into this issue more than once, twice, three times or even seventeen times. Some job postings do not just recommend 3 to 5 years of experience, they require it. So my question is how do I get that 3-5 years of experience when no one will look at my resume without having that 3-5 years of experience? Seems like such a vicious cycle.

Well I figured it out.

The answer to my woes has been interning. I have successfully completed two internships and am currently at my third with Michigan Creative. Through these internships, I have not only gained experience, but I have also met professionals working within the field I want to be in, which is very exciting as I have been able to turn to them for advice and their general wisdom. While this may not sound ideal to some, in my opinion, it is better than turning to something you didn’t work hard for during your schooling. And to be honest, the knowledge I have gained from my internships (especially with Michigan Creative) has opened doors for me that would not have been available even just a year ago.

So that is my advice to someone who is drifting through life after graduation, wondering why their degree won’t automatically peek an employers’ interest. You need the experience to go with that piece of paper. And no, it might not take a month or six months and you will get frustrated and question why you chose the major you did. But if you are really passionate about your goals and what you want to achieve, then be stubborn, stay motivated and don’t settle for anything less than the career you want. It will come…