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New Beginnings

Michigan Creative
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As a new intern at my first internship, I feel like I am finally going somewhere! It only took 23 years to realize what I really want to do and I could not be happier! I will be honest, it took some time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and accomplish. What I know is finding your calling can take a minute, not exactly groundbreaking (but very true!). It is extremely difficult to know indefinitely what it is you want to do for the rest of your life, at the age of 18. Through a few semesters at LCC I knew I was growing bored, the core classes were all standard and I knew I needed something different. I finally applied at Michigan State during my 22nd year and was accepted.


Ah I finally jumped a hurdle most had four years prior. I tried not to focus on the time it took me, to decide what I wanted to do, because it wasn’t productive to worry about. I found that judging myself would only hinder my abilities to reach my goals. Now onto the good stuff! Once I discovered advertising/marketing I was hooked. I mean we live in an immensely digital and fast paced society. We get our news at the touch of a button. Marketing opens many doorways and allows for new and innovative ways to help grow businesses. How could I not choose this pathway?


Now that I had started with Michigan State I wanted to learn more and gain some experience, many already had. I decided to intern with Michigan Creative and what a wise choice that was! Not only are the CEO Brian Town and the COO Melissa Meschke awesome bosses, but the staff is so welcoming! I really appreciate a company that supports local Michigan businesses in a tough economy. I can strongly stand behind this business and I love what it is they offer to companies. I am learning so many new aspects of business and marketing, I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to know!


Here is my advice to anyone who needs a change of pace. Give yourself time, it makes a difference! Don’t judge yourself too harshly and make time to find what it is you want to do. Maybe your calling will be marketing, or maybe it will be politics. Whatever your goal is, set it, go for it and then reach it! It is never to late to decide what you want to do, just know that if you want it you can attain it. The most important thing is to never settle and stay inspired!

Until next time!