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A Blog About Blogging

Michigan Creative

“I don’t have time to blog.”
“Blogging isn’t important for our business!”
“I don’t know what to blog about…”

Have you ever found yourself using any of these excuses to NOT write a blog every now and then?
The fact is a lot of people either really don’t see the importance of blogging for their business, or they just plain don’t like blogging. I get it – sometimes we all have a hard time trying to find something interesting to write about, or we feel so overwhelmed by the amount of client work we have that we simply can’t seem to find the time to write one… But, blogging is more important than many of us realize.

Everyone at Michigan Creative blogs and, if you miss a blog – because they are so important! – you’ll find yourself on the wall of shame… You don’t want to be on the wall of shame. It means you don’t like Brian…
But, why exactly is blogging such a big deal?

Wishpond lists “4 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business”:
1. It helps drive traffic to your website
2. It will increase your SEO
3. It can help position your brand as an industry leader
4. It will help develop better customer relationships

To touch on each of these a bit individually:

Drive traffic to your website: If you’re blogging about topics relevant to your brand and your brand’s customers, and sharing those blogs on all of your company’s social media, it’s very likely that those customers will end up heading back to your site for even more great content and information.

Increase your SEO: If you want to be on the first page of Google, you need some great content. Not to mention you need to be constantly adding new content in order to stay relevant. Including keywords in your posts will help Google find your website when those keywords are used in a search.

Position your brand as an industry leader: I’m going to use exactly what Wishpond said for this one, because it hits the nail right on the head – “Well written articles demonstrate your company as an industry leader. By posting topics which resonate with your market and show your knowledge, you are marketing your skills for your business, service or product too.

Develop better customer relationships: Your blog posts give you the perfect opportunity to interact with your customers – When you share them on social media, respond to comments so your customers know you’re listening to what they have to say. Posting blogs on your website also gives your customers another information source for exactly what’s going on in your business – “Consumers like to be informed, and appreciate that you are the one teaching them.

So, now that we have some of the most important reasons why you should be blogging, let’s move on to the issue of not knowing what to blog about. This is actually the simpler of these two issues – You can blog about pretty much anything that relates to your brand!
For example, when I blog for Michigan Creative Video, I can write about anything from projects I’m working on, to the latest and greatest viral videos, to Super Bowl commercials. It’s important to remember that when you blog for your company, you don’t necessarily have to blog about your company – it just has to be information that is relevant and can be tied back to your business.

To wrap all of this up into one main point: Blogging is incredibly important for any business!
The best part: Blogging isn’t as complicated as a lot of people think! Just find something interesting that relates to your brand, educate and engage your customers with the post, and tie it back to your own business somehow.

Feeling inspired to write your own blog post now?

Happy blogging!

~ Alli

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