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Video Update from jess


What a busy winter we’ve had, and as we steamroll right through the third month of the year already, we never stop moving! Where to even begin?

Let’s start with the video I wrote about for Red Cedar Cafe.

I can’t watch it without wanting to eat all of that yummy food … yes, it smelled just as good as it looks! Angie has been doing some really great contests with cookies lately, so if you’re not their Facebook friend and you’re in the Lansing area, you should be. My name came up the other week, and I enjoyed an oatmeal chocolate chip (my all time favorite).

If you have Comcast, you’ve probably seen my Autographx commercial

on channels such as Speedvision, etc. We shot this last summer, but it was set to begin airtime in November. This shoot was a blast, and we learned just how sturdy a Go-Pro really can be. (Hint: It can get run over by a muscle car, twice, and sustain no cosmetic or internal damage, so thank goodness we kept it in the case!) These guys were very fun to work with, and their cars made for some excellent eye (and ear) candy.

Speaking of eye candy … we also started working with a wonderful photographer and Douglas J grad, Rachel DeRose.

We’ve done a few shoots with her and her team (and some mighty pretty ladies!) and one of them was just released last month.

If you want to see more of this sort of thing, let her know how you like what she’s doing, because these shoots are SO fun! A huge thank you to up-and-coming German producer, HypnOpaediC, for his talent – everyone here has been blown away by his work. Be on the look out for the next release, for which I can only quote A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” You’ll see what I mean, and you’ll want Rachel to shoot your senior portraits, that’s for sure.

We also had the pleasure to welcome two new video interns, Rebecca Mitchell and Allison Myers.

Both current MSU students, these young ladies have been working super hard and making positive connections in the Lansing area. Expect to see great things from these two, and in the meanwhile, watch their first projects for us here at Michigan Creative, wrapping up the final videos in the Michigan Oral Health Coalition‘s Michigan School Dental Sealant Program. They also just wrapped up a music video for Snap Johnson, a local rap artist.

Our graphic designer has been busy working on “Explainer Videos”

(we didn’t know what this meant either, so we’re coining a new term – and a new website for them – within the next few weeks). They’re a huge hit with some of our clients who are interested in a modern, hip, graphically-driven approach to video. I’ve seen the concept drawings for his latest creation, and I nearly wanted to steal his notebook … Polar bears! I can’t wait to see the finished product! (And if anyone wonders, my birthday is in May and I would just love a polar bear …)


Some upcoming projects to watch for:

– A gluten-free cooking series with a feisty former baker and new entrepreneur

– More videos featuring Rachel’s beautiful clientele

– Music videos

– As always, inspiring stories from local businesses and organizations who are doing wonderful things in our community

Until then, stay warm … and think spring thoughts!