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Marketing Your Small Business Through Photographs


What are the images on your social media platforms saying about your company? Each of your readers are going to have a different learning preference. Some find content more appealing with audio, some with video, and some with interactive links. If you are like me, you enjoy content with plenty of eye appealing pictures.

The way you use a photo has influence over who engages it. Maybe you want to reference a big story in the news by using a powerful image, or perhaps you want to make your followers laugh with a funny meme. Intially you want your audience to follow through to the content that belongs to you. By taking your own photos, followers will get to know your image both professionally and personally.

Instagram is a great app for visually representing your business. You can upload images straight from your cell phone and edit, crop, and revamp the coloring to fit your fancy. By following other users and companies, you have access to all of their images to like and comment as you please. Instagram can be used for a lot of “behind the scenes” shots and fun images that represent yourself as well as your products. LuLuLemonMashable, andNike are great examples of successful Instagram profiles that do a great job of marketing their brand.

If you are marketing an event, snap a collage of photos using the Pic Stitch app. Pic Stitch lets you add multiple photos in one image, along with editing options. Think about photographing intimiate details of the event, such as theme decor or a staple event piece. Include images of people dressed up, like celebrities or important investors. Lastly include a behind the scenes picture that only your followers have access to. It will make them feel more involved in the event, and it gives them an initiative to stay connected to your company.

If you are marketing a product or service, think of new ways of getting your audience involved. Host Instagram contests by having your followers “regram” your picture in a new and creative way and sharing it with a company hashtag. For example, LuLuLemon is known to feature their customers in their profile which keeps market their yoga apparel. This way you are reaching more people, keeping your followers active, and still marketing your product!

Most importantly, be creative! Show images that represent your brand with pride and personality. You want these images to say everything about what you have to offer, without having saying a word. Some more great examples can be found at The New York Times, Money Shot Blog. This blog spot is an opportunity for small business owners to be featured on newspapers website by showing the “soul” of their business through a photo collaboration.Be sure to share your photos on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Tumblr. You will want to link your website to the photos so your followers know where to get more information.

I hope this insight gives you a better idea of how to really show off what your small business manifesto.

Happy Snapping!

Rachel Bonello