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Video Marketing

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Usually each time I write a new blog I try to decide between video and marketing, so this time I figured I would just combine the two. I mean, it is a pretty big deal! You can use a ton of different methods to market your business, but my personal favorite is video marketing (big surprise!).

Whenever I see ads online or wherever, I usually find myself skipping over them. I usually don’t feel like reading about such and such a company’s new product, or how so and so is having a huge sale, or where I can buy a cool new smartphone. But, when a short video ad pops up on my screen and it’s something that I may have even the slightest interest in, I watch it.

Like myself, a lot of people learn and retain information better visually rather than just reading a few paragraphs. Based on that, a good way to make your business successful is through video. It doesn’t have to be long or overly fancy; simple videos are actually sometimes better! You can make your point, add a little bit of your company’s personality, and grab viewers’ attention all at the same time! It’s all about the image you make for yourself.

Whether it’s a short video about your company, a product ad, a testimonial or anything else along those lines, you can reach a lot of people! There really aren’t many limits to where you can post your videos, either; Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., so you have a lot of outlets at your fingertips to spread your message!

If you post your video on your company’s website homepage, it can actually serve as an attention grabber before the viewer even hits play! Think about it: You go to a website and see a whole bunch of text right from the start, but there’s also a short video at the top of the page… Are you more likely to read everything first, or watch the video and see what the company is all about? Once viewers watch your video and see what your main focus is, they can then go on to read the parts that they are specifically interested in.

It may take a little more time than just posting on social media once a day but, in the end, a video can be a very beneficial marketing tool for your company!

Happy Halloween!



Thanks to Open Placement for the image!