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Small Business Showcase: Jeanologie Boutique, East Lansing

John Crafts

This week’s small business showcase features a women’s boutqiue found in downtown East Lansing, Michigan by the name of Jeanologie.

Jeanologie is a womens clothing store that offers hand-picked, high fashion styles inspired by the streets of New York. Founded in 2010 by Michelle Gross, a former MSU graduate, Jeanologie strives to be your one stop shop to find that perfect going out outfit, or your new favorite pair of jeans.

I decided to officially check out the boutique last weekend in order to find a birthday present for a friend. My first impression after walking in was the feeling of stepping out of East Lansing, and into a swanky, adorable little shop right off the streets of New York. With teal and sparkle decor, Jeanologie screams of trendiness.

I was welcomed in with a warm smile and opportunity to explore before I was politely asked if I was looking for anything specific. Once I told Michelle I was looking for a scarf, she immediately jumped up and started pulling some from all over the store. I was then given a bunch of options to choose from and great fashion advice as to what to wear with the scarf. Michelle also made sure to give suggestions as to what accessories would go along with it too.

After choosing a scarf, we chatted while she wrapped up my gift in a gorgeous logo bag with teal tissue paper. I was in and out quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, I was left a happy shopper. What more could a girl ask for!

This recent trip inspired me to write about the store to bring awareness to not only my fellow college students, but also the young professionals and working women in the area as well. You will find a plethora of classy pieces including flattering jackets, and gorgeous dresses as well as stylish blouses and cozy sweaters.

Unlike it’s slightly cheaper competitiors including Pitaya and Clever Clover, Jeanologie prides itself on quality or quantitiy. Every single piece of clothing is one that will last you years. The designers featured are trendy and credible, bringing you the best of the best when it comes to finding a great fitting outfit.

So next time you are in need of a key piece of clothing or a trendy gift (yes that includes you too gentleman), skip the norm and go for the exclusive. Shop Jeanologie and you will not be dissapointed!

“Recommended by Michigan Creative, inspiring a creative local economy.”

Cheers to looking fabulous,