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Using Pinterest as your Search Engine


If you haven’t tried using Pinterest as your search engine, I highly recommend you try. As a social media manager for many accounts at Michigan Creative, I need to find unique, interesting, and new content for many different businesses across various industries. I wanted to share with you why I choose to use Pinterest as my search engine over Google or Bing in many cases.

1) It’s visual: This is probably the most obvious reason here, but it’s always nice to see pictures. In a general sense, people find pictures easier to interpret and understand. The visual image to go along with the title and text draws interest and increases the likelihood of someone clicking on that content.

2) Fresh results all the time: If you search “marketing” at the beginning of the week and “marketing” at the end of the week, it will yield completely different results. Especially with a broad search like “marketing”, it’s difficult for those pins to remain high on the search list and they constantly change.


3) Using different keywords will result in completely different results: One of my favorite things about Pinterest is how easy it is to find a wide variety of content. Check out this example:

Here I searched “marketing business”:


Here I searched “business marketing”:


As you can see, it didn’t result in a single repeat pin even though I used the same words! (And I bet if you did the same searches you would get different results!)You can spend hours mixing up your words and find a ton of content.

4) You can accomplish two things at once: Being a social media manager, I can accomplish two jobs at once; while I search for content for networks like Twitter and Facebook, I can be pinning the articles I find to that client’s boards. That way, I can build content on all social sites faster and more efficiently.

Give it a try; pull up a Google tab and a Pinterest tab and enter search terms into both. Which would you rather look at?

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