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The Perfect Crossover of Angry Birds and Well-known Brands


Along with the rapid growth of technology and contemporary art, competitions between tops brands are kind of fierce. The marketers work with artists and come out with extraordinary ideas and features to suppress other brands. Being creative is the key to success here.

Recently, a series of pictures designed by a Russian graphic designer has caught my attention. The pictures are a parody series entitled “Angry Brands”. Sounds familiar? Yep. That creative artist, Grigory Yakushev, reimagines famous logos as different angry birds from that popular game. He is well renowned and highly regarded as one of the best in the business.

Let’s take a look at these interesting designs:







What do you think? Those angry brands are kind of a wonderful crossover between two design elements: brand logos and cartoon images. Personally, I love the Starbucks and Twitter one. It’s a fun post to watch, but it also has large potential in business value if there is cooperation.

We all remember playing Angry Birds day and night; following its seasonal features and updates. Angry Birds has the ability to drive us crazy. The success of this game comes from keeping our mind active and responsive. No matter if you regard Angry Birds as an action, adventure or puzzle game, you get fully involved and enjoy the fun. That’s why angry birds became one of the most popular games all over the world. After many seasonal versions of Angry Birds  came out, the related products of this game also become a big  hit. People love  the stuffed toys, Angry Bird T-shirts, cups, wallpapers and so on.

Let’s get back to Angry Brands. It could be seen as an art of visual graphic. Yakushev Grigory certainly has a sense of humor in his recreation of these logos. It is not hard to imagine that those Angry Brands would be ready to win the market and beat up their competitors, just like our angry birds beat up those green pigs and take back their homeland. If Yakushev has the will, he could gain support at least from one or two companies he portrayed as Angry Birds. The assumption here is to have a win-win cooperative relationship between the original companies and Angry Birds. If the copyright problem could be solved, I could foresee a very optimistic  future from using Angry Brands as powerful tools to monopolize the market share and dominate the industry.

Don’t underestimate the strength of those little birds. Just like Angry Birds, the images of Angry Brands could also find their way  onto clothes, posters and other related products. One day you  may find the Angry Brand logos on the billboard where you pass by to work every morning, then it’s the time for you to realize that Angry Brands could drive you crazy  just like that game.

Yakushev Grigory’s notion is perfect. Even though there may be several obstacles for the Angry Brands to make their grand debut on the public platform, I still believe that the game lovers of Angry Birds and the loyal customers of those brands would love to see the epic combination between them.

Let’s wait and see.

Picture source: http://designcollector.net/angry-brands-by-grigory-yakushev/

By Veronicka