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Using Video to Distinguish your Business

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You have outdone yourself Google, well played. Google recently released another 2-minute video campaign about the new Google Pixel 2 and it’s awesome. Their theme is titled “Ask more of your phone” and, according to the press materials, “It’s a film that celebrates Google’s love for questions and how they push us forward and tee’s up Google Pixel 2 as the perfect answer.” Big companies like Google are using video campaigns, like this one, to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Use this to distinguish yourself as ‘the perfect answer’.

The genius behind this video campaign is, typically, everyone’s first move is to seek out the sage-like advice of Google. Google can create their own smartphone, utilizing the FAQ and the frustrations users have with other products is an advantage. Their smartphone is the physical representation of all the negatives turned into one positive. With smartphones being a major piece of any technology-based company, these companies always need to distance themselves from others.

(image via cnet.com)

This ad convinced me that paying an extra $100 for a phone that consistently underwhelms isn’t for me. Popular creator, Marques Brownlee, is known for his in-depth tech reviews, gives the low-down of how Google has essentially made the daily experience of using a smartphone more enjoyable and easier.

The Relevancy

So how can you, a business owner, use what Google did to translate that success into your business? It’s a valid question, but the takeaways from the ad are the standouts. Every business has big, bold flaws and even the most loyal customers can see those from miles away. Getting the best deals for anything if great, but what is the tradeoff for that? For example, insurance. You could get the best deal on the market but your policy could only cover 1/4 of your accident. My point is that your business has the opportunity to level the playing field. Video has unlimited potential to showcase the negatives to separate your business from the others.

These ad campaigns show the hunger and mentality that large companies have to be number 1. This attitude is contagious and should give you the inspiration to seek out new ways to achieve your goals.

The beauty of working for Michigan Creative is that we can actually help your business get to that number one spot that everyone desires! We love helping others make the most money and making your life less stressful; it’s what we do. We work with every type of company on any budget and we would love to discuss what we can offer you!

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