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How Music Can Help Your Business

Michigan Creative
How Music Can Help Your Business

Music breathes life into anything that may seem mundane. It’s so powerful that it inspires us to make that next step, whatever that may be. Nostalgia and emotion are powerful tools when it comes to advertising because we’ve all had a moment of total invulnerability when watching an ad. You see those puppies and kittens in a SPCA commercial, you feel that it’s your duty to make a difference. Even the toughest person feels some sort of emotion and pushes those people to make a donation.

Is music really important?

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From an article titled: “I Second That Emotion: The Emotive Power Of Music In Advertising” on nielsen.com, the four categories that music ads are, are: Creative, Empathy, Information, and Emotive. There has to be an emotional connection with your target market to close the deal. But you can’t just tug at their heartstrings. The point of this scale is to showcase the balance between effective advertising and the memorability of the ad.

How do I determine what music is best?

Do you go with a popular pop song or the generic classic rock song? Does it actually make a difference when it comes to the nitty-gritty numbers? These questions are normal and showcase thoughtful thinking, which is great. Each genre gives its own unique flavor that can be added to adverts.

Genres like pop typically push the emotional factor and work well with promotion based ads. On the other hand, other generic songs are great for information based ads and not so well with others. That being said,  a lot of popular songs add that “one-two punch” which adds the emotion combined with an increase in returns.

In the end, it’s your choice and it’s what you think will be the best for your customer. Do your homework to see what has worked well in the past and go from there. We can provide you with all the information and stats in the world but you know your customers better than we do, so trust your gut. 1666 × 1140

How we can help!

As a business owner, you have the power to make all the decisions that will better your company. Working at a company like Michigan Creative allows us to help people that want to try new things like adding music to their advertisements. It’s our job to better the lives of our clients while helping them make the most money! We have a dedicated staff at Michigan Creative that can cater to your every need and idea!  We would love to discuss what we can offer your business!

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