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How A Rebrand Can Change Your Business

Michigan Creative

A rebrand is often the hardest and scariest part of any business attempting to change. Convincing others that this is the right decision and keeping your old, loyal audience is tricky. A rebranding process requires immense focus to pull off and Jagermeister is knee deep in a total rebranding process right now. I applaud them for trying to change their image. The brand is infamously correlated with “frat culture” on college campuses and its CMO wants to move past it and onto greener pastures.

(image via adweek.com/brandmarketing)

What goes into a rebrand?

Typically, a full rebrand includes a massive campaign that engulfs every media outlet. In this case, all social media channels, radio, TV, video, etc. It’s no small feat and requires a team of capable individuals to keep the work consistent with the transition. First and foremost, it requires a new message. The message is an integral part of any campaign, but especially a rebrand because it shows a new direction that the company is deciding to take.  In this case, the message is, “Be the Meister”. The idea is, according to the company, to encourage the consumer to “be meisters of their lives” or “Do what you do masterfully and you can live by your own rules”.

Another key part is the “grow-up” factor and massive brands like Jagermeister, fit that bill. Even though it’s one of the best-selling imported liquors, brands always need to find new ways to stay at the top. That idea is universal for all businesses and you may find yourself in the middle of a rebrand.

What defines a successful rebrand?

As a business owner, you have to feel good about the work you and your team did. That could be meeting the goals set or anything else you personally feel is successful. In Jagermeister’s case, the transition away from the college scene to a more premium liquor image would be a success. Combined with keeping their old audience and slowly adding new loyal consumers, that shows the success that the team has worked for. As I mentioned before, the personal satisfaction feeling needs to be there. In the end, it is your business and you should be proud that you did something right, regardless of the end result.

How can we help?

As I mentioned before, a rebrand is a massive, elaborate process. It requires every staff member to be onboard and ready to make a 180-degree shift in focus. It’s a lot of work and not every business can do it without outside professionals. Michigan Creative’s staff is dedicated and prepared to take on any challenge. If you’re looking for the best team to help your business start a new chapter, our staff would love to discuss what we can offer you!

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