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3 Ways to Use Video

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If you’ve ever wondered how and why some companies generate the video content they do, you aren’t alone. Anytime you watch T.V. and a commercial you either love or hate comes on, you always think, “I wonder why they decided to do that.” The beauty of video is that it generates a wonderful sense of curiosity among the people who see it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your target market and hopefully that curiosity will typically develop some sort of conversation either online or with the people around.

In this white paper, we provide three simple ways to produce high-quality video content for your business. These three ideas are integral to any high-quality video content, enjoy!


Emotion is defined as, “an effective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate or the like is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.” With emotion being what you personally feel, when you see, watch, or hear something, you then have the power to drive the narrative of what you want the audience to feel. The company Tile, did a fantastic job tying in how powerful the journey of pure sadness to happiness is. That being said, you don’t need your audience to show visible emotion. You don’t have to have people bawling their eyes out or laughing hysterically, you just need to be memorable. If you don’t create some sort of internal emotion or feeling, you’ll become just another ad on TV. Remember, the end game is to increase the value of your brand to your audience; you aren’t J.J. Abrams directing a Star Wars movie. You need to focus on the task at hand and keep that in mind when attempting to influence someone to spend his or her hard earned money on your product.

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Creating a story & controlling the narrative

Imagine that you are the founder of a company that was started because of a lofty dream. You didn’t have the money to go to college like the rest of your friends and you were stuck. You knew you had something that cannot be taught, work ethic, and you had a dream to become a premier sports retail outfitter in your city. You know sports are a massive part of your town’s culture and the value of sports like basketball, football, soccer, etc. is extremely high and the only retailers are big chain stores. With the growth of small business shopping and the market share within 30 miles being minimal, you make the move to start your business.

The point of that little blurb is that you can control the message being sent while also highlighting some of the things that make your company unique. In this case, it would be the work ethic, the humble beginnings, etc. You can establish your brand values, what you personally stand for and anything else you feel is important in a high-quality video. If you attempted to do any of this through a website or blog, your ideas may not  be as easily translatable. When you can see someone struggle and come out of the mess shiny and clean that means more than reading it and forming your own interpretation.

Origin stories are extremely powerful tools and combining your journey with video is the smartest way to go. Always remember where you came from because there are others out there that can relate to your story. Even if some people can’t the appreciation factor will naturally draw people to your business. It will immerse your targeted audience into your unique story and offer them a rich, nuanced experience.

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Sending your message

If you have been reading this and have noticed that the previous two examples were very similar, you aren’t wrong. The point of this is to show how different ideas and aspects can be blended together and used to make a high-quality final product.

Your message is one of the most important thing when developing an idea, especially a video. If your audience hates the video and cannot remember anything about it, the message has to be the one thing they do remember. Emotion and creating the narrative are smaller things that lead to creating a message. Your message can range from, “we believe in promoting local businesses and working hard every day to provide the very best in customer service, which means we will always be here for you. We value our team of creative professionals, and we foster creativity and leadership in each one of them”. This example, used from our very own Michigan Creative credo, is a great one to model your message after.

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The intent of a message

The things you pick out immediately are the businesses practice and what they stand for. When creating a message to help guide or persuade someone to think or do something, the message needs intention. “Intention” is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “a determination to act in a certain way”. With the Tile example I used earlier, the intention was to show the struggle of a young girl who lost her stuffed panda. Tile is able to provide the child and the family the opportunity to avoid that. They used a combination of all three of these things to create a powerful story in a 1:50 seconds that made me really consider buying the product. Even though I’m a 21-year-old college senior, I can feel the pain that the little girl went through when she couldn’t find her stuffed animal. I think Tile knew that going into developing this brilliant advertisement; this idea that no matter what age or what gender you are, at one point in time you can relate to what she went through.

With everything being said, the message is what will drive people to always remember your product and to remember the message you sent them. It really is a make or break part of your content and especially video content. Always remember that your idea has the opportunity to provide some form of comfort or happiness to an average person. Make it your goal to always do the best you physically can so your audience can always feel that sense of happiness and fulfillment.

The End

So you’ve made it through this whole thing! Congratulations, with our attention, spans dropping every year I’m excited that you made it through. If you still don’t really understand what to do with video and how to achieve these three important things, don’t fret yourself! Michigan Creative has an amazing staff that can provide you, the business owner with the highest quality video content or whatever you desire. We would love to sit down and discuss potential opportunities with you and what we can do to make your life easier!


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