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The Online Face of Your Company: Your Website

The online face of your company: your website

How many websites do you think are on the internet right now? After some research, it is safe to say there are currently over 1.8 billion websites. It’d be easy to get lost among the growing crowd. How does it compare to your competitors and others in your industry? The truth is, your website is the online face of your company and you need it to stand out.

What Your Website Should Have

Websites are the most important part of your business’s digital presence. In the digital age, your website is a customer’s first impression of your business. A well-designed website should showcase your products or services and provide a way for visitors with more information about your business. Take a look at your website. What is the first thing a web user sees? Is your contact information visible? Can a visitor clearly tell what you do? Is your website inviting? Does your website function well on mobile? If you’re selling a product, can I buy it on your website? Would you want to spend time on your website? The list goes on. If you answered no to any of those questions, maybe it’s time to think about website redesign.

The Design & Functionality

Developing a fully functional, mobile-friendly website is one of the biggest tools you can provide your business. But where do you even start? Well, you’re in the right place. Michigan Creative has a fully equipped team to build, manage and host your website so you can breathe easy. We break it down into four easy processes: Discovery, content creation, design and functionality, and implementing the launch.

Here’s a little on how our process works:


First, we’ll evaluate you and your business. What is your current website lacking? Do we need to add specific functionality – maybe a blog page like the one you’re on right now? Will you be selling your product on your website? What do you like to see on a website? What do you have to showcase? All are very important things that our website team will review with you. 


Once we get a picture of you and your website, we’ll move on to the fun part – website content. What do people need to know about you? What pain of theirs are you solving? The answers should be in your website content and more than once. The key to content is realizing people don’t read your website like a novel, so it’s ok to give surface-level information about a product or service on one page and then dive deeper into another page. Here at MC, our dedicated content-writing team will help you figure out what questions need answering and where those answers need to live on your website. 


Ok, we fibbed. The design process is actually the most fun part. The Michigan Creative design team will take all the information collected in the discovery phase and pair that with your content to create a website design that you and your audience will love. The web design will check all of your boxes and maybe even some boxes you didn’t know you needed. It will be inviting, informative, and intuitive. If your parents can’t figure out how to navigate, then we should take it back to the drawing board. Once we land on a design you love, we’ll move to the next step.


Implementing and launching is where your website goes from a design concept to an actual website. Our web development team will bring the graphic design team’s creation to life. Before any customers are able to access your new website, it will pass through various quality checks from different departments at Michigan Creative. Once approved by the MC team, we then pass the content on to your team to approve the website in a mock phase. Once everyone loves your new site, it is time to introduce it to the public. 

A well-designed website that your team and your customers love is important and not something that should be overlooked. The Michigan Creative team is ready and happy to assist your business with its website. Check out our web services today!

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