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The Backwards Burglar Strikes

The Backwards Burglar Strikes

This holiday season, Michigan Creative held the yearly tradition of the Backwards Burglar. An annual holiday event where we collect monetary donations to spread joy to families in need. How? We leave them Christmas- gifts, food, decor, and most of all, a memorable and happy holiday. We’re pleased to announce that it was another successful year! The Backwards Burglar, with the help of local nonprofit Child and Family Charities, was able to provide a great holiday celebration for two families this year! 

One family was from our friends at Child and Family Charities, and the other local family will remain anonymous. Child and Family Charities helped coordinate a wish list and deliver gifts along with a note wishing the family a happy holiday on behalf of the Backwards Burglar. 

Thank you to all who contributed and made an impact within the Lansing community. You’ve helped create memories that will last a lifetime.

Core Values

The team at Michigan Creative focuses on maintaining our core values, and there are two, in particular, we’re happy to see in the community around us as well. Everyone we come in contact with should have a better day, and every problem has a solution. This year, everyone who helped make the Backwards Burglar happen was that solution. The holidays can be such a joyous and heart-warming time, but it also can be incredibly hard for families who may be struggling. This year, the Backwards Burglar, Child and Family Charities, and our community made sure we made the day brighter by lending what we can do. That’s what the holidays and Michigan Creative are all about.

It really makes Michigan Creative proud of the Lansing community to see this growing love and interconnectedness. The influence we can have when we do what we can and work together is beautiful, and it changes people’s lives, even for just a day. Thank you again from all of us here for helping create a positive impact.