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Spreading Christmas Cheer: Backwards Burglar Style

Spreading Christmas cheer within our community with Backwards Burglar

The last few months of the year tend to spark something in all of us. Whether it’s the holidays or just being around more family, there is something about this season that always tends to brighten people’s spirits.

Winter can be challenging for those dealing with cold weather and snow for months and months. The holidays, however, tend to give us something to look forward to, making the weather more bearable. We get holiday lights, the beautiful snow, visits from family and friends, all the sweet treats, and for those of us who live around the Lansing area, community. Many Lansing residents are involved with their surrounding community and are compassionate human beings. That’s what encourages Michigan Creative to host the annual Backwards Burglar event!

If you’ve been with us long enough, you already know that Michigan Creative puts together a small event called The Backwards Burglar. He’s almost the opposite of The Grinch. Instead of stealing Christmas, he leaves it for as many families as possible, spreading Christmas cheer wherever he visits. The Backwards Burglar is an annual donation-based event that relies on community support. All season long (until Dec. 24), we will be collecting monetary donations for the Backwards Burglar to provide families in need with food, gifts, and decorations to enjoy the holiday just as everyone else would.

Do you know a family who could use some help this holiday season? Reach out and submit your story on the Backwards Burglar website. Every submission is confidential. We will never reveal any information, so please feel free to submit your suggestions.

The Backwards Burglar is a creative way to give back and spread holiday cheer. The holiday season can be difficult for some, so the Backwards Burglar is asking our community for help! To donate, please visit the Backwards Burglar GoFundMe page.