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The Internship Search and How I Landed on Team MC

The Internship Search

You would think an advertising management major would find an internship easily, right? Wrong. I started applying for internships in the Fall of 2018 and everyone answered, “Sorry, but we’re looking for candidates with more experience,” but how am I supposed to gain experience if nobody will hire me?

The harsh winter came and career fairs at Michigan State University were in full force. I knew I needed an internship, and the career fairs were not helping — until I stumbled upon Michigan Creative. After reading their manifesto and browsing their work portfolio, I reached out to Brian Town, Michigan Creative CEO.

Hardly an hour later, I received an email extending an interview offer and the following Friday I became a member of the MC crew.



Although I was a nervous wreck before the interview, I felt comfortable and honestly overdressed. THERE WERE PEOPLE WEARING SWEATSHIRTS AND BEANIES! I was thankful to become a part of a group who dressed comfortably and functionally for work. (Honestly, it makes it easier to stay motivated).



Without taking the initiative to reach out to Brian, I wouldn’t have met my coworkers and enjoy going to work. Everyone at Michigan Creative is open-minded, down-to-earth, and willing to help whenever and wherever it’s needed — an environment I am honored to be a part of.