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Photoshoot Spots: Lansing Edition

Photoshoot Spots

Over the past few months I have been taking photos for Michigan Creative’s new website (coming soon!) and have been taking each person on staff to a location of their choosing for their photos. Between these shoots, my own freelance shoots, and just shooting for fun while I lived in the Lansing area, I have found quite a few really cute spots for photos that I’m going to share with you! 

Old Town 

This is a great spot for if you’re going for a brick look, nature, and also for some murals. Right there you have the downtown look of the stores in Old Town, the fish ladder area and path, and three different murals. 

Featured: Cassidy, Chief Happiness Officer at MC

Lansing Community College Shigematzu Japanese Garden

I actually had no idea this existed, but Brooke chose to do her photos and here and it’s definitely a cool spot! Located right within LCC’s campus in downtown Lansing. 

Featured: Brooke, Social Media Specialist at MC

Cooley Gardens

This spot is kind of hard to find if you don’t know about it. Located right in Reo Town in front of the GM plant, it’s a small spot with a lot of beautiful flowers and great backgrounds.

Featured: Kayla, Nanny/Household Manager at MC

Downtown Lansing

If you find yourself in downtown Lansing, there are plenty of different spots that you can go to. When I’m in any city taking photos, I find myself drawn to alley ways. There’s a lot of depth there and you can usually find a spot that there isn’t a lot of people. Always keep an eye out for unconventional places, for example with Katie there was a construction platform on the sidewalk that we stopped at, and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos from the shoot.

Featured: Katie, Content Strategist at MC

Hawk Island Park 

There are a number of different parks in Lansing, but I would say that Hawk Island is my favorite. There is a path that goes around a small lake, a large hill, and a nature path that continues on to the river trail. The photos below I had to dig through my phone to find, and one of them I just took on my phone – so please ignore the lower quality of them! I just loved looking at the sunset on the hill there and the reflections that the small lake shows at the right time of day.

REO Town 

Last but not least, REO town! I feel like there are many options for backgrounds at our corner of the world. Murals, next to the river, city scene, and more. If you are around REO Town and would like to do a photoshoot, we’d love to connect with you!

Featured: Cassidy and Michael Kirk of MC