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Why Companies Should Embrace Working Remotely

Why Companies Should Embrace Working Remotely

I first started working for Michigan Creative in June of 2018. Although nervous to start, I knew I’d fit in after conversations with CEO, Brian Town, and research I had done. Before I knew it, I had a desk in Michigan’s capital, went to SBAM events, created inside jokes with my new co-workers, and worked as Brian’s assistant. (Or as I like to say, the over-organized half of Brian’s brain). 


Last December, my boyfriend landed his dream job, but found out it required him to move to St. Louis, Missouri for five months of training. Being a full- time college student, and a full-time employee at Michigan Creative, I didn’t see how it would be possible to ever visit my boyfriend let alone tag along on the temporary adventure.

The bold decision to move

Luckily for me, Michigan Creative is very passionate about its culture meaning our co-workers are like a giant, creative family. Rather than responding negatively to the question of working remotely, Brian generously gave me the best of both worlds. I was able to keep my job and given the ok to move out-of-state for a little while. Over the past four months, I continue working as Michigan Creative’s Executive Assistant, but from our studio apartment downtown St. Louis. I never would have thought I’d have the opportunity to work remotely at the age of twenty-one, let alone work remotely in a different state. Other than the fact that my office view is now the Gateway Arch instead of Lansing, MI, and my desk is in the same place as my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, I have still been able to be apart of the Michigan Creative team thanks to video conferencing and weekly phone calls with Brian. 


Michigan Creative allowed me the best of both worlds; opportunities to make lifelong friendships, love a city I never thought I’d live in, and overall grow as a person. With one month left at the Gateway to the West, I will take this memory with me the rest of my life, and I am excited to be back with my team. I hope that if the opportunity provides itself, other companies are able to allow their employees this experience. 

Thanks again, Brian!!