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    The Difficulties of Real-Time Marketing


    Of all things that could happen during a Superbowl that you could possibly be prepared for-injuries, crazy plays, time rivalry-few were ready to react to something as simple as a power outage. Oreo cookie won the fastest-and-most-innovative-response-during-the-Super-Bowl-Blackout prize according to many marketers and judging by its rate of re-tweet (over 10,000 times in the first hour).


    This crazy response to such an event spurred a new marketing term: “Real-Time Marketing”.  The inevitable need for constant monitoring and virtually instant response is wanted by today’s population. With the ease of social media and the usually quick response to a text message, people today strive for immediate gratification for their complaint and even their compliment.

    This is an incredible challenge for marketing and public relations companies. They are now having to adapt to a 24/7 marketing model and act more like a news room than a marketing firm. Usually the lack of staffing or the inability to staff around the clock gets in the way of running this kind of marketing model.

    There have been advancements and tools made to make real-time marketing a little more manageable. Here are just a few that you can use:

    • Facebook allows you to become a manager of as many pages you control. They make it easy to see notifications when you flip between profiles.
    • Applications such as HootSuite, Tweet Deck, and Gremln allow you to manage multiple sites at once and even have “news feeds” right on the pages themselves.
    • Mobile applications for social media platforms such as Facebook, make it easy to access and updates all of the Facebook pages that you manage right from your phone.
    • Social media platforms on their own are information hotbeds, giving virtually real time information updates at the tip of your fingers! Consistent monitoring of news feeds alone will give you updates that you can work off.

    There are issues that come with real-time marketing, however. If not done properly, it can lead to negativity about the company or brand that attempted real time data monitoring  If your quick response is not well thought out, has a spelling error or has a failed attempt at humor, among other things, your efforts behind real time marketing will be wasted. Another large issue that comes with social media monitoring is the lack of resources to collect data; these can be items such as a social media management data base, man power needed to gather the data, and the time it takes to sift through the overload of information that exists.

    So, my advice for real-time marketing is to do as much as you can, but in the end remember: if you don’t have anything groundbreaking, crafty, and timely to say, then say nothing at all–you will most likely be better off!

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    “It’s less about being real time and more about being predictive. You can plan ahead, to a certain extent and have content and ideas ready to go if and when you can use them.” ~Unknown Advertising Executive