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Pinterest and the Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life


Let’s talk about Pinterest.
All right, now that the female demographic is settled in and paying attention, and the male demographic has glazed over … I’m going to say some words that may result in uproar:

Pinterest is not [just] for women.

Is it safe to come out yet? Let me rephrase myself –– Pinterest, although highly popular among female users, is a great tool for everyone. What’s more, if you could give two hoots about quilts and strappy sandals and 19 ways to make a quiche while blindfolded, you don’t actually have to see any.

The cool thing about Pinterest is that it’s like an endless supply of ideas from that one friend that you have that is just too clever for their own good. The Green Thumb, the Mr. Fix It, the Betty Crocker, the “Oh this old thing? I got dressed in the dark!” supermodel. Except instead of having to listen for hours about how your life is infinitely inferior, you can pick and choose what you’d like to listen to … and maybe not even right now. Fellow Pinteresters will recognize the phrase “Pin now, read later”, and that’s exactly the idea. And there, on this magical place called the Internet, exactly as messy or organized as you would like, are visual representations of your to-do list. No one is monitoring this list and making sure you complete these tasks. No one cares if you do, but if you do … for Pete’s sake, Pin It!

Mixed in with these experts are the every-day-average-Joes and Janes who have been enjoyed tiny successes, who have figured out the secrets to life, and who have completed goals everyone else still has. Here, they tell you their story.

This is how I got my two year old to stop swearing.
This is how I completely revamped my house for under $2,000.
This is how I plan to lose the last 10 lbs.
This is how I made a completely vegan, sugar free, gluten free, birthday cake that tastes like heaven.

These are people just like you who don’t have their own reality show, but are winning in the various areas of their life. My new favorite thing to look at are these simple strings of images that, in so many words, say: This is a list of things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life. (Also known as: “life hacks”, a term which I find incredibly endearing and accurate). Pinterest is PACKED with these lately. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites here.

And, of course, my personal favorite:

Now … these are all examples of how people have found awesome ways to make their lives easier with objects they already have, and they’re going viral. Still not convinced Pinterest can be the hammer in your marketing toolbelt?


– Jess