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The ABCs of Marketing Asset Management

Asset Management

Are you ready to see an improvement in your team’s effectiveness and productivity? Over the last few decades, technological advancements and the use of social media have more than tripled the ways that companies promote their brands. With so many kinds of marketing assets, how can a company manage them effectively? Following the ABCs of marketing asset management can improve productivity and increase workflow and communication.


The first step to managing your marketing assets efficiently is to identify what your company has to offer. Identifying your marketing assets helps you and your team evaluate what your brand looks like and how your assets support it. Anything used by your company to promote your brand is considered a marketing asset. A few examples include things like digital files, media, brand documents, and videos.

Brand Asset Management

After assessing your assets, you may want to consider a brand asset management portal. An asset management portal allows your team to share documents in a centralized location. From this location, your team can access, upload, and monitor all current marketing assets. To maximize the use of BAM, organize your files based on a funnel system. General folders such as digital files, media, and documents should contain sub-folders of assets that lie within each category. By organizing this way, your team will be able to search for resources in a more streamlined way.


Once you assess your assets and create a brand asset management system, your next step is to consolidate. Consolidating increases productivity. With your team, decide what files are important. Evaluate what files are outdated, duplicated, or irrelevant. By doing this, you can archive and trash unnecessary files. Create a team process for organizing, uploading, and naming files in the system so files are current and easy to find.

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