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Content Marketing: Tips for a Successful Strategy

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So you are looking to get serious about your content marketing strategy. You check Google, and a swarm of sponsored posts with vague information leave you more confused than you were to start. But still, where do you start? To help, we’ve compiled a few content marketing tips for a successful strategy that you can easily follow. Whether you’re developing your brand’s first content marketing strategy or redefining the brand’s approach to content, here is everything you need to know.

Know Your Audience

Before you create your content strategy, it is important to know who you are targeting with your content. One way to do this is by creating customer personas. Picture 5-10 of your typical customers, and create personas based on their age, interests, location, and reasons for choosing your brand. The idea here is to get a clearer picture of who exactly you are trying to target so you can tailor your content accordingly.

Goal for Creating Content

So you know your audience, and you are ready to start producing content for them – great! But not so fast. Creating content with no plan for a consistent messaging, intended outcome, or set amount can end haphazardly. Now is the time where you want to sit down with your marketing team and decide what specific message you want to convey and what you want consumers to do or feel after receiving it. Working in a team assures everyone is on the same page so that cross-platform content is coherent. Then, decide on a specific amount of content to be put out per week and when to publish it.

Track Progress 

Once you’ve started producing and distributing content, it’s time to set a way to track your progress. By utilizing key performance indicators, you can measure the performance over time, which helps you determine whether or not you are meeting your marketing goals. Make it a quarterly or monthly thing to analyze how your content performed. These can include the number of reads, views, form submissions, social media engagement, etc.

Stay Consistent

To help stay consistent, it is easiest to choose a particular day and time to post. Many social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, can even estimate the best time for you to post based on when your audience is most active. If setting a timer for the same time every day seems daunting, which in your busy day, consider scheduling your posts through Creator Studio or Hubspot in advance. That way, you can focus on creating quality content.

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