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The Differences Between Facebook and Google Ads

Facebook ads

The days of newspaper and radio advertising are coming to an end. Today, over half of all ad spend goes to digital advertising, making it the most widespread form of advertising on the planet. The most widely used platforms for businesses to advertise online are Facebook and Google Ads. Strategically, there are still a few things you should consider before choosing what to post your online advertisement through.


With over two billion monthly users, Facebook is an excellent platform for ad campaigns to extend your reach. The media platform also helps raise brand awareness and generate leads. Users can leave comments, share posts with friends, and repost your ad to their feeds. Facebook helps develop your inbound marketing strategy and leverages organic content, as users participate in word-of-mouth advertising. Additionally, Facebook collects a massive amount of data from its users; information like who your friends are, hobbies and interests, and life events. This data allows your business to target the exact audience that you want to reach. 

Google Ads

Unlike Facebook, Google Ads is more conversion-focused. Google Ads offers a wide variety of campaign options that are optimized to drive conversions. The simplest of these campaigns is the search campaign. The search campaign shows business ads alongside Google search results. Google Ads also allows businesses to select the search terms and keywords connected to their ads. This way they’ll only show up under relevant searches. The process through Google Ads will drive conversions to your business because your search ad will display for people already searching for your type of business.

The Choice

You really can’t go wrong when deciding what platform you prefer to run your campaigns. If you can not afford to advertise on both platforms, the choice comes down to whether your business is looking to extend your reach and grow your brand awareness or if you are looking to drive conversions and make sales. Both Google and Facebook have over one billion daily users. If you manage your campaigns correctly, you should have no problem accomplishing your business goals with either platform. 

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