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Technology Innovation Center Promotes Small Business Success


The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) of East Lansing is a wonderful opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get a head start on their business plans. The mission of the TIC is to generate and advance the culture of entrepreneurship in the community and to expand the technology based economy in the market. Located downtown, the center has given host to various companies who are both starting out, on the brink of success, and “graduated” onto their own independent space. Current companies include Michigan Creative MediaPrezent Me, and Loudpixel to name a few.

Each company is working hard to build up their reputations. The TIC makes that possible by offering affordable office space, funding sources, mentoring and training. Its prime location, next to Michigan State University, keeps its occupants close to potential interns and growing professionals. Bringing innovators of different backgrounds to one building is just another reason why the TIC is thriving. All tenants bounce ideas off each other and support one another, which provides an effective business support system.

Michigan Creative Media CEO, Brian Town, is proud of his companies progress within the TIC. “Starting a business is anything but easy,” says Town. “It takes patience, time, and not to mention money. The TIC offers start-up businesses the opportunity to get on their feet in order to survive in our current economy.”

Michigan Creative is an all-purpose marketing company. Their goal is to help the local economy by offering a variety of services to support both small and large businesses keep up an admirable presence in the public’s eye. Since the company started out at the TIC in 2011, the employment, productivity, and clientele has grown tremendously. Brian enjoys his work with his fellow TIC tenants and applauds the Technology Innovation Center on their contribution to the growth of the city and it’s economy.

For more information, please contact the TIC staff:

Jeffrey Smith, Project Manager
(517) 420-1670 mobile

Amy Schlusler-Owens
City of East Lansing
(517) 319-6931 office


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