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    If We Could Afford a Superbowl Commercial…


    Oh the possibilities! This year a Superbowl commercial ad will cost you about 4 million dollars, YIKES. It only makes sense that big corporate companies are the ones who splurge on the biggest advertising opportunity of the year,Super Bowl XLVIIon Feb. 3 where the San Francisco 49er’s will take on the Baltimore Ravens.


    Companies like Bud LightPepsi, and Taco Bell will be making their big appearances per usual. I think it’s safe to say we can expect a lot of envelope pushing from this years advertising, but what makes a commercial worth remembering? Especially when that is the initial goal for about 20 other corporate companies who have top advertisers on the job?

    Some sex appeal is to be expected. Victoria’s Secret is fighting to keep their popular commercial ranking with their football fanatic approved models. Mercedes Benz who is rumored to be featuring model Kate Upton also has a sexy vibe in store for it’s viewers. We can expecthumor from the Pistachio’s company, who will be featuring breakout artist Psy with his crazy dancing that his fans seem to ADORE. Possibly some heart felt advertising from the likes of Chrysler, for example, whose past two Super Bowl commercials have pulled on the heartstrings of America with the struggle of the working class within Detroit and America.

    These are the types of things that sell. Whether we like it or not, it’s these components that seems to attract the majority of America whose eyes are glued from the beginning of the Super Bowl to the very end. If Michigan Creativecould afford a commercial, I think we would try to add a little bit of everything! Just like box-office hits Avatar, Fast & Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean and more, you need a little bit of everything to attract people with different kinds of interests. The challenge would be to include all of that within the 30 second time period.

    We would personalize it to our Michigan residents, like Chrysler, but only a little. Our main goal could be to support the local economy and add a little bit of our credo in there. Now that would make for some fantastic advertising. Watch out Superbowl 48, Michigan Creative is making big ideas here!


    Go Football! (No, I will not put who I’m rooting for on my company blog post….*cough* Ravens *cough*),

    Brandon Manson