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Look Behind the Curtain with SharpSpring’s VisitorID

sharpspring visitorID

Never lose track of a prospect with SharpSpring’s VisitorID feature.
Think about it: 98% of web visitors remain anonymous simply because they don’t fill out a form.  VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identity companies viewing your site as well as where and what they view while also providing their contact information.  SharpSpring’s VisitorID effectively doubles and in some cases triples the number of leads that are able to be harvested from your existing web traffic.


Built in Lead Tracking

Track your leads as well as set which pages in your website you consider to be important.  This allows you to further determine prospect’s lead score and where they fit into the sales funnel.  Also track what and how they were directed to your site by viewing the specific search term they used. VisitorID

With VisitorID choose and filter which contacts you consider to be important.  Filter out the specific industries which
you believe are pertinent to the success of your business.



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