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Why To Use SharpSpring as Your CRM

sharpspring crm

Stop asking and act!  3rd party CRMs are a thing of the past and can only do so much.  With SharpSpring as your CRM, the possibilities are endless.

sharpspring crm Create Smart Emails which allow you to craft a more personalized one-on-one relationship with your prospects.  You can schedule a Smart Email for either a later date or attach it to automation task or workflow.

Keep the conversation social and make the lead more than just a name and email address.  Discover what resonates with them and engage on multiple social platforms.

Seamlessly integrate your existing CRM into SharpSpring to further your company’s potential.  This allows you to reap the benefits which SharpSpring has to offer.  With SharpSpring’s CRM you have the ability to move your leads along various deal stages with a simple drag-and-drop interface.  Track the sales cycle with the life of a lead feature with the additional benefit of custom deal stages that fit your business’s needs.

Keep you and your staff informed by creating reminders to ensure that you never miss a beat as well as boosting your efficiency.  Also keep the process social with your staff via use of avatars to highlight benchmarks and a conversation timeline.

Lead scoring helps you identify and qualify hot prospects.  Scoring depends on various factors such as engagement
sharpspring crmand page tracking.  Set decay periods to decrease scores during periods of inactivity.

View Reports which display all the information in one place to help you measure your goals and forecast future performance.  SharpSpring as a CRM also adapts to your needs with sales won and lost tracking as well as an estimation of expected value for a particular pipeline.

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