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Pinterest Is In Your Best Interest!


A lot of companies struggle with the thought of Pinterest as a marketing tool. When I first started at Michigan Creative Media as an intern, I hadn’t really understood the idea either. All I used the social media platform for was wasting time in class and collecting pictures of clothing I couldn’t afford. However, now that I am a little more experienced, I am confident in the websites ability to get you betterSEO, advertising, and customers for your business/product.

Depending on the type of information you want to advertise onPinterest, you may need to get creative in the content you are pinning. For example: if you are a pet store using Pinterest you might decide to pin things like; cute animal pictures, pet activities, health tips for pets, different products like food bowls, cages, toys, and beds, etc. In saying this, not all of your pins need to be strictly pictures. You could also include video and article links as well. Great content starts by attracting a pinner with a fun picture that coincides to the type of information you want to share.

Posting relevant content to your topic is important, but be sure not to get too boring! Pins are initially meant to be re-pinned, and nobody wants to re-pin your company’s logo in a hundred different variations. There are always popular Pinterest boards to check out and share funny pictures/content as long as they are business appropriate. This is a great way to show your personality as a company or seller. Your followers may relate to you better and feel more comfortable communicating with you and buying your products.

There are a few sneaky tricks to attracting more pinners and getting people to review your content. Here are a few:
1. The bigger/longer the pin, the better! Think of it as free real estate
2. Include your website URL in your pins’ text box
3. If there is a price to a certain product or service, type it in the text box and it will appear as a banner on your photo
4. Create your own relevant content by using Infographic makers like this one:http://visual.ly (it’s free!)
5. Follow other boards that are similar to your own and comment/like other peoples pins, communication is a beautiful thing!

Keep in mind you can also create/convert your profile into a Business profile, this gives you the opportunity to verify your companies website and zone in on your preferred pinners by entering in your business category (e.g. non-profit, professional, etc.)

So what are you waiting for? Utilize this social media tool to your advantage. Visuals are a major selling point for any product/service, and your free advertising is just a pin away.

Happy Pinning,

Brandon Manson