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How Often Should I Email My Customers?


The most asked question when it comes to email marketing is: How often should I email my customers?
Once per week?  Once per month?  Three times per month?  Every day?
Well the answer is……yes.
The trick is finding a good balance of emails sent for you and your business.  Over-mailing your list can be damaging; too many emails is an easy excuse to unsubscribe.  And if you send too many in a short time period it is unlikely that someone would read them before you send the next one.  Under-mailing can also be harmful, however, as you want your customers to think about you often.  It is generally agreed that only once per month is not enough but once a day is too much as this article refers to.
The way I look at it is you need to analyze what kind of relationship you have with your customer and what kind of business you own.  You need to sit down and say to yourself, “If I subscribed to an email list of a company like this, how often would I want to be emailed their sales pitch and updates?”.
Just this week I unsubscribed from a list because I was getting an email every other day for a product I bought once, use maybe once a month, and do not have a plan to purchase again.  On the other hand, I am on the email list of a few retail stores that email every single day and I do not unsubscribe.  I really enjoy the newsletter style email marketing that is once per month; there is always actual content and I find myself reading it every single month I receive one.
But this is just me.
You need to discover what your customer wants and what they are comfortable with!  There is no harm in asking your customers what they prefer.  You may not get everyone to respond, but at least you would get a little feedback.  Try a facebook post or an email survey to try to get a response and at least a little feedback so you can keep those customers you try so hard to gain!
Unfortunately the answer to the question ‘how often’ still remains yes.  There is no right or wrong answer; you just need to find out what you and your customers are comfortable with.
Until next time and Happy Turkey Day!

“There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy, and determination you can get there”  ~Darren Rowse