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12-12-12 Promotion Ideas


So this is a short and sweet blog, but a very fun one!  What a neat once in a life time date-why not celebrate it with neat deals and steals at your business?
These deals will obviously vary based on your business, but be creative!  I have a few ideas via WhizBang Training’s Facebook page and have also thought of some of my own:
1) Sell baked goods? Price 12 donuts for $12

2) Have a celebration at 12-noon with cookies or pie

3) Raffle off 12 door prizes at 12 minutes after the hour

4) Have longer hours? Run a great sale from 12-12 for one day only!

5) Have more expensive merchandise?  How about buy one get one for $12?

6) Looking to run a longer campaign?  Kick off your 12 days of Christmas sales on that day.

7) Give the first 12 people in your door that day a gift certificate

8) Sell items on your clearance rack for an extra discount: 4/$12 or 3/$12 or 2/$12

9) Do you run a bar or liquor store? How about a make your own 12-pack for $12!
The possibilities truly are endless though, so get creative!  And once you have your idea, make sure you promote it well.  Include it in your email newsletter, post about it in advance on your social media sites, do mailers with your best customers, and advertise it in your store with posters and fliers.
What are your ideas for 12/12/12 promotions?  Please share below!
Till next time,

“You don’t want to invent new ideas, not new rules” ~Dan Heath