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2014 is coming to a close, which means that 2014 song mashups are rolling in! Every year we hear tons of different mashups, made up of most of the exact same popular songs from that year but, as opposed to a simple mashup, for example one with vocals of one song over the music of another and it’s done… Some of them are incredible. They have song after song after song, but they’re put together in a way that makes them extremely unique.

Last year, my personal favorite was “PopLove 2 (2013)” by Robin Skouteris. I thought it was pretty cool that he used songs that he liked from the year, regardless of how they did on the charts (let’s be honest, sometimes the songs at the top of the charts can just be really terrible). He did include a lot of hits, but also threw in some less popular ones, while also leaving out a few chart-toppers:

I personally liked that version much better than the new PopLove 3 (2014), but the new one is still pretty great:

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down fro 2014 is a good one as well:

This last one isn’t a recap or rewind, but it has to be one of the most amazing mashups I’ve ever seen/heard. And it’s not just a well-edited mashup video of a select group of songs, but rather a group of songs performed by Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui. I’ll admit that I’m a huge Taylor fan, but I think these two almost perform the entire 1989 album better than she does (no offense, Taylor!). I’ve had this on repeat for the last few days…

That should be enough music to get you through the day! 🙂

~ Alli

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