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Take a Look at the Holidays

Michigan Creative

The holiday season is upon us, and the holiday commercials have arrived in full force. We’ve already been bombarded by Black Friday commercials, weeks before Thanksgiving, and Christmas commercials started way before the holiday season was even in sight. I think starting these commercials so early, to make sure we know exactly who will be selling what, when and where around the holidays, is part of the reason so many parents, like mine did was I was little, say things like, “Put it on your list, Christmas is coming…”, as early as October… As annoying and repetitive as some of these types of commercials can be, you have to admit, they do work. But this isn’t what I want to focus on.

Every year there are a few ads that really catch my eye and make me think. A few that have a true meaning and understanding of what the holiday season means – not just gifts or time off work, but reflecting, spending time with family and catching up with friends.

For example, Guinness’s “Empty Chair” spot. It shows that even though we are lucky enough to be spending this time with our loved ones, their are those who are not so lucky.
I wasn’t intending to make this post all military-related when I started, but I’m starting to see a trend in this years ads… Another great one, from Sainsbury, is one of the most powerful ads I’ve seen. The best part? It’s based on a true story.

This one is just plain adorable:

What are some of the best holiday ads you’ve seen so far this year?

~ Alli

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