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A Logo is More Than Just a Logo

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This isn’t a new thing but, ever since I first saw it, I’ve found myself noticing it in tons of logos every day.

Logos are everywhere – If your company doesn’t have one, it needs one. If a company wants to re-brand itself, it usually changes the logo (even if only slightly). How do people remember more of a business than just the name? They remember the logo (if it’s a good one).

“Whether you realize it or not, a brand’s logo speaks to its viewer on many levels.” (Business Insider)

But, how do brands do this? How do they use their logos for marketing purposes (other than putting it all over actual marketing materials)? How do they incorporate the image they want you to have of their brand into a logo, without coming right out and saying it?

Subliminal messaging.

I think these logos contain some of the best of those subliminal messages:

1. Le Tour de France


See the biker? Now that you see it, I bet you can’t un-see it…

2. Amazon


Doesn’t it make you happy that Amazon has everything you need, from A to Z?

3. Tostitos


Hungry yet? Feel like sharing some chips & salsa with a friend?

4. FedEx


Don’t worry, your package is moving forward to get to where it’s going…

5. Baskin Robbins


Have you tried all 131 flavors?

Happy Holidays, from everyone here at Michigan Creative!

~ Alli

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