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Marketing for Manufacturers: The 3 Parts of a Marketing Machine

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At Michigan Creative, we know how important manufacturing is to today’s economy. We’ve served the manufacturing industry for years now. We have become familiar with many of the pain points associated with this industry. For manufacturers, marketing is not at the forefront of their business needs. A lot of manufacturers don’t see a need to budget for marketing efforts. However, word of mouth isn’t the best option anymore and marketing for manufacturers has become evermore important. With a cohesive brand, strong digital footprint, and other marketing efforts, you’re giving your brand what it needs to be a big player in an already competitive market.


You’re tough, durable, and your business runs like a well-oiled machine. You take pride in your work, and after 2020, it’s no secret what manufacturing means to the economy. Let your brand reflect that.  It is the main representation of your company, who you are, and what you do. While you may argue that you already have a solid brand, it might be time to think about getting a fresh look to bring it into the modern era. Give your buyers confidence in your brand with your marketing efforts. Stay competitive. Don’t guess when it comes to your marketing.


Your digital footprint does matter. While you may have years of experience and quality products, potential clients will not see this reflected in an outdated website and lack of digital presence. There’s nothing worse than losing clients due to a lack of recognized authority in your brand. You might think that your work speaks for itself, but how are you drawing in new clients? If you walk into a bathroom and the mirror is dirty, it doesn’t matter if everything else is sparkling clean. The first thing you see are old, grimy streaks running down a clean surface. The same goes for your brand and online presence. Your Google search results and website are typically the first place customers go to learn about your business. If they stumble across a broken website or find you at the bottom of the search results, they may question their decision. Don’t you can lose authority in the industry with a thrown together website or an outdated brand.

Fractional CMO

That’s why we’re here for you. As a full-service marketing agency, we can step in wherever we are needed or even run your entire marketing department for you. Our Fractional CMO (FCMO) service offers to consult and allow you to have our entire team at your disposal. With our services, we take the time to get to know your business inside and out and keep you informed throughout the whole process. Whether you’re struggling with creating a website, understanding social media, want to show off your skills with high-quality video, or all of the above, we can help.

We became experts in marketing for manufacturers so that those running a business can continue to focus on doing what they do best. We believe in our work because we’ve spent the last five years becoming marketing machines. Our focus on culture and leadership has built our team strong, just like yours. We’re proud to say that we build marketing machines. Let us help build yours or follow along with the latest marketing tips and tricks through our monthly newsletter, The Creative.