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Learning To Be a Better Leader

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When you’re a leader, every day is a learning curve. You constantly question if there is a better way to do something or a better way to handle a situation. You hope that your cumulative experience will make you a better leader than you were yesterday. Every day is a new challenge, which means a new opportunity to learn how to be a better leader.

Last year, I received a promotion to the head of the video department. I had no idea how I planned to stay afloat without my mentor running the department with me. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but somehow, I rose to the challenge. The truth is, we had clients who needed videos, and I was determined to prove myself to them and my MC team that their faith in my abilities had not been misplaced.

I’ve been head of the video department for ten months now, and every day is still something different and new. One of our core values at Michigan Creative is leadership and that everyone is a leader here. However, being a leader on a team is a bit different than being a leader of an entire department is a bit different. My other leadership team members and I have done well in these new positions. The reason we’re succeeding is that all of us department heads work together. We try to help each other solve situations or frame a situation in a different way.

Some days I do still feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants and living the saying “fake it til’ you make it”. But, at Michigan Creative, it is nice to know that all the other company leaders have each other’s back. We push me to be better and are willing to get down in the occasional chaos until we reach a solution that puts ourselves and our clients in a better position than before.

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