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    Women in Leadership: The Creative Force

    Women in Leadership

    Leadership is one of our core values here at Michigan Creative, and it’s one of my favorite topics. At its root meaning, a good leader makes everyone around them better than themselves. I will be the first to admit, I do not know everything there is to know about being a leader (because who does?). It’s a learning process. Luckily, I love learning, especially about good leadership. It’s my job to make the team better.

    I work with and do all I possibly can to teach the Michigan Creative staff what it means to be a good leader. Most of the time, it starts with what I have learned from all the leadership mistakes I have made and follow that up with some tips for what it takes to be a good one. With our leadership team, it’s pretty second nature. They still have a lot to learn, as we all do, but they are pretty damn good.

    One of the many benefits that our company has gained from implementing EOS/Traction Tools is our strong leadership team. Since integrating this structure, we have been able to track, progress, and most of all, learn and grow as individuals and as a company.

    We have five leaders in our L10 weekly leadership meetings, myself and four women. Together, we lead Michigan Creative on a daily basis. We didn’t intentionally put four women into leadership roles. In fact, until someone pointed it out, I didn’t even realize it. Why? Because I don’t see them as just women. I see them as badass leaders who work hard to make Michigan Creative an amazing company. All I was doing was putting the best people in roles where they could excel. They all have worked extremely hard to get there, and they still do every day.

    Sometimes, I think about how to best say that we are proud to have strong, brilliant, and creative females that lead our company. It’s empowering to have a team of women who inspire change and teach great leadership skills. Every company should do this because we don’t do this enough in our society. I am a father of two very powerful and brilliant daughters and a husband to a strong, smart, and amazing wife. While this means I don’t get to make many decisions at home or work, it also means that I want all of the women in my life to be able to lead, take charge, and be wildly successful.

    I make it a point to teach my team what it means to be a good leader. Leadership isn’t something they teach you in school. As I said before, I personally still have a long way to go in my leadership career. My job is to teach leadership to everyone in our company and to my young daughter. I want all of the women here at Michigan Creative to know that we are a better company because of their leadership and hard work. I’m just proud to be here along the way and to help them learn to be the best leaders they can be.

    If you want to know more about our leadership team or what we believe is a good leader, get in touch with us today or subscribe to our monthly newsletter. We’re always happy to chat about our team of amazing leaders and even more amazing work they do.